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Living in Bali, the little paradise on earth where the joyful of life starts from coconut trees and pristine beaches.

We all are happy to celebrate our greatest moment of life with friends and the Loved Ones.

Bali Tonight has invited us to join their signature night party on Sunday in a wonderful place called Karma Kandara Beach.

Situated in North of Kuta, we had a lot of fun!

Thank you for Mr. and Mrs. Bali Tonight for having us…

Image 1 : Cédric Herbaut and Jehan Khaleda Herbaut. A perfect couple!!!

So jealous with Jehan, a mother of two wonderful kids, but still, look at that slim body!

NO idea how she could do it. Love you both…


Image 2 : Ditta Treijscha (on red) wearing our signature Resort Wear, Mirah Outerwear on Revinalia 2017 Edition.

Galih (on white) wearing HvD Privé, custom made Outerwear from Treijscha Collection (coming soon).


Image 3 : Candid photo courtesy of Karmen&Marius team.

Henry van Doerjatt spotted wearing Tana Papoea, a recycled ethnic jumpsuit will soon published on webstore for second half of Revinalia 2017 Edition.


Dance is our moves, music is our vibes, fashion is our entities, and Henry van Doerjatt is a slow-fashion brand which supports #FashionRevolution, transparency in #WhoMadeMyClothes, and consistency on #ZeroWaste.



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Sunday, March 12, 2017
Pictures by Bali Tonight

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