#WhoMadeMyClothes : Gratia Widiasih

It was 2 years ago since I have started to contact her, but that time she was fully occupied.

Her name is Gratia Widiasih. Formerly lived in Australia for decades, and she decided to start her new life back to Bali.

For her, being a dressmaker is a passion in life as she is such a creative woman.

Image 1 : Gratia on her workshop


She came to my house for a meeting and picking up the raw material, while I have to explained her all the instructions.

She is very talkative and told me many things about her life story for being a dressmaker, so fascinating!

She experienced in making woman dresses and most of them are fancy dress. Cute!

Image 2 : on our regular meeting, my sketches and raw materials.


Not only making dresses, nowadays she started to challenge herself into designing silver jewellery.

She said, dress made me busy for decades, as I am now almost 50 years old, and now I can prove myself that I can really work multitasking. And it makes me really feel so alive! I am a single woman, and I can do lots of stuff on my own.

Image 3 : Working on progress…

She started to adopt street dogs which she found in hunger, picked them up and fed them, some of them were sick.

Not only dogs, she also have some cats. She loves animal, and this is a big reason why I love to work with her.

She has a sincere heart!

Image 4 : on her scooter with the puppy dog!

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