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Its fushion, fused fashion. I am different, because I can.

Virtuel.Fushion has been released on January 16, 2017. With the warmest Love and passion in fashion, I invented this to break out the mainstream of fashion. I have made my own creation with full of imagination when I travelled around the globe.

Starting in India where I have seen a wonder, I thanked to the Universe by giving me a chance to make a change. I was thinking, how to introduce people what I am doing, the passion that I have, and another shade of fashion.

The aim is not only helping the local dressmakers, garment retailer, but also animal rescuer as I will share some percentage of my annual benefit to animal welfare organisation and NGO of poverty care.

What is Virtuel.Fushion?

From the word : Virtue, Virtual, Fused, Fashion.

I wrapped it all up, that my fashion is our wellness. A new yoga with lots of good karma.

More about Who Made My Clothes?

We need to see the reality that people worked on a piece of cloth, lots of effort and we need to respect them in a good way. Its slow fashion, we don’t produce a mass product, its just small batch, and if you required more, there will be made to order and in limited edition.

In order to keep you as my exclusive ones, I want to dress people in an unique-no-one-has-it and really eye-catcher in a cool way.

I am very happy to introduce you my dressmakers one by one, here on my website…

I wish that my way of making the different works for a better future, I want you to join my way and let us make it happened!


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