Henry van Doerjatt

“This is my now.

All of my life I was dreaming to create fashion.

Now my dreams have turned into reality.”

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Ditta Treijscha

“Henry is a determined person. Confident in motion, and super-enthusiastic in his creativity.

So proud to be part of Revinalia 2017 Edition. Its colorful-sexy-glam and absolutely fabulous.”


Noni Veronique

“I was 5 and he (Henry) was 2. It was my first runway show. On the backstage, he cried to mom begging to wear the sailor outfit as I worn that time. We had so many great years together.

I am so proud to have him in my life. Such a wonderful kid.”


Elisabeth Hönningsvag

“I adored his microphonic-voice, his spontaneous stage performance. He is a multi-talented artisan, one of my best friend ever!

3 words for Revinalia 2017 Edition, Colorful-free-crazy! Love you hun…”