REVINALIA 2017 Edition

I have named my debut collection as a fashion designer in loving memory of my eldest sister. “Revinalia 2017”. The colors I use are an homage to her colorful life and for some dresses I took my inspiration directly out of her first photo album of 1983.

The “Revinalia 2017 Edition” consists of 4 categories:


Evening Gala

A collection of evening gowns or dresses for your special event.

Designed for everyone who dares to be different.

“Shine on you crazy diamond!”


Outfit of the Day

Casual is no longer boring!

I have handcrafted exciting embellishments on every design I created. A daily glam outfit for you!


Resort Wear

Designs intended to be worn over your bikini. Step out of the water, put on a dress, light as the wind and become the centre of attention while enjoying a cocktail at sunset.


Urban Couture

Its an urban vibes for a couture look. Timeless cutting and a finishing with many exciting details. All handcrafted with precision. Uneven, colorful materials are my signature!

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#FashionRevolution #WhoMadeMyClothes



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