#WhoMadeMyClothes : Rini Wisnu



Meets Rini Wisnu, a mother of adorable daughter named Dhea.

A housewife who has the passion to support the family.
Her husband works as a freelance farmer for local fruits garden.
Mostly he works part-time as a night watch in a hotel nearby where the live. The house is secluded by the organic farms and pine forest. I have found her during my visit to East Java and we became an instant very close friend. She has started to do tailoring for my stage costumes and then because of her amazing skill and her tidiness, I found out that she might be possible to make samples for my collections. She have made it punctually and no defect item.

Every detail which has been written on the paper where I sketched was very well done.
She sometimes improved thedesign for a minor change under my supervision.

We have so many hours to talk and discuss about the designs and other life circumstances.
She is super friendly and warm just like a family.

About the wages, we never bargain to the lowest, whatever she mentioned, it’s a normal rate for every tailor. She never applied minimum order or so, never refused my designs even its rather complicated for custom orders.

This page is dedicated to her hours, energy, smiles, texts, and her voice call whenever she wants to reach me or just to hear my voice. She is not only my dressmaker, but also one of the best friend I have. We don’t do business principal, it’s a moral cause.
Rini Wisnu, I deeply thank you so much. Your wise words and great advices.


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