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Living in Bali, the little paradise on earth where the joyful of life starts from coconut trees and pristine beaches. We all are happy to celebrate our greatest moment of life with friends and the Loved Ones. Bali Tonight has invited us to join their signature night party on Sunday in a wonderful place called […]

Its fushion, fused fashion. I am different, because I can. Virtuel.Fushion has been released on January 16, 2017. With the warmest Love and passion in fashion, I invented this to break out the mainstream of fashion. I have made my own creation with full of imagination when I travelled around the globe. Starting in India […]

It was 2 years ago since I have started to contact her, but that time she was fully occupied. Her name is Gratia Widiasih. Formerly lived in Australia for decades, and she decided to start her new life back to Bali. For her, being a dressmaker is a passion in life as she is such […]

While listening to Lady Gaga, Perfect Illusion is such a great song for today. and the next playlist is Beyonce, Formation!   Wishing you a warm sunny day this weekend, sending much love from Bali. Today is rather cloudy and windy. Not that bad to start our greatest Weekend this month. I am super excited […]

  Since I was a toddler, mom always dressed me super fancy during the weekend. I wish that you would be agree with me to say that weekend brought us joy! Mom told me that whenever Dad stayed at home, I have to spend the time with him. Its a Holy holiday for our family, […]

So much laughter and smiles from this Balinese mom of two friendly sons, meets my personal dressmaker Widi Arjaya. The devoted Balinese wife who always accept my urgent orders and fitting for custom made clothes. She is the one who shows me to make a dress without a pattern cutting. Her method is just beyond, […]