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Its fushion, fused fashion. I am different, because I can. Virtuel.Fushion has been released on January 16, 2017. With the warmest Love and passion in fashion, I invented this to break out the mainstream of fashion. I have made my own creation with full of imagination when I travelled around the globe. Starting in India […]

  * Meets Rini Wisnu, a mother of adorable daughter named Dhea. A housewife who has the passion to support the family. Her husband works as a freelance farmer for local fruits garden. Mostly he works part-time as a night watch in a hotel nearby where the live. The house is secluded by the organic farms […]

I have named my debut collection as a fashion designer in loving memory of my eldest sister. “Revinalia 2017”. The colors I use are an homage to her colorful life and for some dresses I took my inspiration directly out of her first photo album of 1983. The “Revinalia 2017 Edition” consists of 4 categories: * […]