#WhoMadeMyClothes : Widi Arjaya

So much laughter and smiles from this Balinese mom of two friendly sons, meets my personal dressmaker Widi Arjaya.

The devoted Balinese wife who always accept my urgent orders and fitting for custom made clothes.

She is the one who shows me to make a dress without a pattern cutting.

Her method is just beyond, she created her own way to fasten up the production and exactly the meeting up the expectation. Her opinion and criticism mostly made sense to be applied.

I am learning a lot from her and so does she. She adored my sketches, I am fully respect to her work.

She is so much appreciated to the orders that I have placed as she has to support the family to pay the mortgage. I helped her to get some other clients by recommendation on private messages for those who may need her services.

As her blessing always she said, please come back to me even if you become a superstar or world-famous fashion designer I am willing to work with your creativity and she ended up with smiles. Astungkara, its Balinese word to bless people as the universe do.

Thank you Widi Arjaya, as I promised to you that I will post this picture. I think now you again smile to me.


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